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Although gold may not be found in these hills today, El Dorado Hills is a golden location for recreation and plenty of urban opportunities. The location in the Sierra foothills means its unique climate does pose challenges for residential and commercial heating and cooling systems.

If you are needing HVAC specialists to provide an evaluation of your HVAC system problems, deal with a small fix or provide emergency services, contact us, a 5-star heating and air conditioning service in El Dorado Hills, California.

Our customers consistently speak highly of our cost-effective maintenance, installation, and replacement services. Give us a call if you are seeking a quality HVAC contractor in El Dorado Hills.

Honest Assessment

Your satisfaction with our heating and AC services in El Dorado Hills, CA is our utmost goal. We guarantee work will be completed:

  • By Experienced Technicians
  • With Thorough Troubleshooting
  • Seeking Repair Before Replacements

“Honest! They didn’t try to sell me a new AC just because it’s an older unit.”

Lawrence F

Quality Service

We offer five-star service for all customers with our El Dorado Hills HVAC services, ensuring quality throughout the maintenance process with:

  • Constant, Engaging Communication
  • Clear Updates On The Repair Process
  • 100% Response Rate And Quick Response Time

“Alpha Mechanical is super responsive and works to get your A/C back up and running.”

Samantha C

Fair Price

We value your time and your dollar, so Alpha Mechanical will always provide quality, fair-priced service through:

  • A $79 Initial Diagnostic Fee (waived if repairs are made)
  • Honest Bids For Maintenance, Repair, And Replacement
  • Clear Communication On Pricing And HVAC System Options

“Alpha was on the premises within hours and provided the necessary fix for a most reasonable cost.“

Teresa G

El Dorado Hills
Air Conditioning Service

The extreme summer heat waves that have been hitting the El Dorado Hills area have caused a lot of strain to cooling systems, shutting down AC units when they are most needed for some cool comfort.

If you find your AC system shutting down or just not running the way it should, contact Alpha Mechanical for quality air conditioning repair in El Dorado Hills, CA. Our professional technicians will do thorough troubleshooting and a comprehensive inspection of your AC unit to provide accurate results and the repair you need.

Our guarantee as your local HVAC service company in El Dorado Hills is to provide an honest evaluation and not to sell any unnecessary repairs or equipment.

OUR TECHNICIANS START WITH A Simple Air Conditioner Diagnostics Process

Check thermostat settings
Alter settings to attempt to activate air conditioner
Check air filter for dirt and blockage

WHICH MAY REQUIRE AN Advanced Air Conditioner Diagnostics Process

Do trial and error discovery procedure
Inspect all key parts of air conditioner
Discuss fact findings with customer

WE WILL DISCUSS Options once problem is identified

Replace vs. Repair
Advise customer on avoidable failures

MOVING FORWARD Completing Air Conditioner Repair

Receive verbal approval for repair work from customer
Service technician orders required parts
Arrange appointment to mend air conditioner

Your home is now
ready for those
hot days!

Heating Services
in El Dorado Hills

As fall and winter temperatures get colder, your family will require more warmth and comfort, so make sure your heating system is in top-notch shape with our heating services in El Dorado Hills, CA.

Whether your heating system is new or over 20 years old, our heating specialists can make sure it’s properly set up and maintained for warmth all winter long. Your furnace or heat pump may need additional repairs or even a replacement, we can provide a thorough inspection, an honest evaluation, and recommendations for optimal heating comfort.

Call us today and have the warmth you will need to get your family through the cold winter days.

OUR TECHNICIANS START WITH A Simple Heating Diagnostics Process

Check thermostat settings and function
Adjust settings & turn on furnace or heat pump system
Monitor heating system for unusual noises, foul odors, & irregular cycling frequency

WHICH MAY REQUIRE AN Advanced Heating Diagnostics Process

Check all essential parts of them heating system
Different inspection criteria for furnace and heat pump
Discuss fact findings with client

WE WILL DISCUSS Options once problem is identified

Replace or Repair
Advise customer on stoppable failures

MOVING FORWARD Completing Heating System Repair

Service technician will explain process of solving the issue
Get verbal agreement for servicing work from customer
In most instances, same day repair is offered for heating systems

Your home is now
ready for those
cool days!


Excellent Service

I’m impressed with the quick response to my call for help. Andrew was able to identify and fix the broken part of the furnace in a short period of time. Fantastic job. Alpha Mechanical is on my contact list.

Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Alpha Mechanical for your HVAC needs. Andrey and his team were extremely professional and provided exceptional work in the Sacramento area. We couldn’t be happier with our new system.

Fair Price & Service

I have been a happy customer of Alpha Mechanical for a couple of seasons now. Whether for summer or winter. These guys have proven to be both prompt and reliable as well as extremely fair with their prices and services in area nearby.

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