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Although Sacramento, California is known for its sunny and mild temperatures. During the cold winter months, heat is a priority and the last thing you want to be looking for is a furnace replacement service in Sacramento, CA. In the Sacramento surrounding area, winter temperatures can get pretty cold, even down to freezing temperatures. As temperatures drop, you want your house heater to be working at maximum output. If you find that your home lacks the warmth you need, don’t be miserable – our team at Alpha Mechanical can help.

As top-ranked furnace replacement experts in Sacramento, Alpha Mechanical will run a no-pressure diagnosis on your heating unit, saving you the headache of trying to figure out the whereabouts of your blower, burner, thermocouple, or control board. It will only cost $79 to have a specialist take a look at your heating unit, perform thorough troubleshooting of your unit and give you an honest assessment and expert advice on how to get the heating air you need. And when furnace replacement in Sacramento is the best solution, we’ll work with you to find the perfect energy-efficient option that fits your budget and keeps your home climate perfectly suited.

Need A New Furnace?

If you end up needing furnace replacement in Sacramento, our customers consistently highly review our replacement services for our affordability, attention to detail, and responsiveness to any questions or concerns. We will make sure to install a central furnace replacement that would work best for the size of your home, offering the most energy-efficient equipment on the market for your budget.

Our furnace replacement company in Sacramento, CA stands behind superior craftsmanship. We guarantee that our home Furnace replacement services in Sacramento will keep you comfortable year-round. So whether you’re replacing a broken electric furnace or just upgrading your gas heater to a more efficient and reliable heating system in Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Granite Bay, and El Dorado Hills, give us call us!

We specialize in both commercial and residential furnace replacement in Sacramento and surrounding areas. As a skilled HVAC contractor in the areas around Sacramento, we have the expertise to help you select a heating system to supply comfort when you need it, and will guide you through the entire process of an energy-efficient furnace upgrade.

Since we have been based out of the Sacramento since 2011, we understand the unique challenges of heating system replacement in Sacramento, CA. We work to provide a price range that your budget can afford. Ready our replacement guidelines before you make this important step to determine whether replacement is a wise option for you. Once you have made a decision to replace, our top-rated specialists will provide convenient and precise furnace installation in Sacramento.

Typical HVAC Unit Installation Includes

Proper City building permit
Title-24 Testing: Airflow, Duct Leakage, Refrigerant Charge Tests, Equipment Verification
Removing and disposing of the existing system
Crane service for package units
Rooftop Application: Adapter curb or new curb with plenums
A new secondary drain pan for attic split systems
Modifying the existing supply plenum
Modifying the existing return plenum
Reconnecting existing ductwork to the new equipment
New WiFi or programmable digital thermostat of your choice
Properly sized circuit breakers at the main electrical panel
New high voltage service disconnect and wiring for outdoor unit
Precision refrigerant charge
Upgrade gas line connection at the furnace
New refrigerant line-set for certain variable speed systems
Install smoke detectors and CO2 sensor (if not present)
Complete jobsite clean up of debris
System startup and commissioning

Potential signs your Heating Unit needs replacing

Unit is over 15 years old
Odd sounds coming from the unit
No warm air, blowing only cold air
Persistent breakdowns
Uneven heating throughout the home
Abnormally high utility bills
The system keeps cycling on and off
Burner isn’t lighting
Limited airflow
Lack of maintenance

Not sure? Want to know the furnace upgrade cost?

Give us a call for an honest recommendation for heating replacement in Sacramento, CA

The Benefits of a
New Furnace System

Improved Energy Efficiency
Energy Bill Savings
Better Air Cleanliness
Worry-Free Warranty
Quieter Operations
Environmentally Friendly
Proper Design - Professional Engineering on Staff
Unyielding Commitment to Craftsmanship

Why Choose
Alpha Mechanical for
Furnace Replacement?

The Benefits of a New Furnace System

Quieter Operations
Energy Bill Savings
Better Air Cleanliness
Worry-Free Warranty
Environmentally Friendly
Improved Energy Efficiency
Quieter Operations
Energy Bill Savings
Better Air Cleanliness
Worry-Free Warranty
Environmentally Friendly
Improved Energy Efficiency

Why Choose Alpha Mechanical for Furnace Replacement?

Proper Design - Professional Engineering on Staff
Unyielding Commitment to Craftsmanship
Proper Design - Professional Engineering on Staff
Unyielding Commitment to Craftsmanship

Other Services

Service Approach - We Reasonably Replace not Upsell!

If you are looking for a second opinion about whether your heating unit needs to be replaced, give us a call. For only $79, we will give you an honest appraisal of your heating unit and if it really requires a replacement or could be repaired to extend the life of the unit for a few more seasons. Regardless of what type of system, brand, or model of heating system you have, we have experience with all systems and will do all we can to diagnose your heating system issues and recommend the best replacement unit that aligns with your budget and energy goals.

We won’t upsell you unnecessary equipment or charge you hidden fees, the total price for any replacement will include all labor and materials. At Alpha Mechanical, we will make every effort to be your preferred contractor for heating replacement in Sacramento, California.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost for furnace installation in Sacramento?

Furnace installation in Sacramento varies depending on factors like size, brand, and existing ductwork. Expect $4,500 – $9,000+, with high-efficiency models and larger sizes pushing towards the higher end. Alpha Mechanical can help give an accurate estimate of the price for your new gas furnace or heat pump.

When would I need furnace installation service in Sacramento?

Age is a deal breaker for furnaces. If your furnace has surpassed 15 years, it might be time to consider an upgrade and call a furnace contractor in Sacramento. Frequent breakdowns will let you know that your furnace needs replacing, as well as ineffective cooling results from a weakening furnace.

Staying up-to-date is important as well, as newer models will offer advanced technology and better results in your home!

Don’t bother searching “furnace replacement near me,” reach out and contact Alpha Mechanical now!

Can old furnaces be dangerous?

Aging furnaces can pose serious threats to you and your home, for a variety of reasons. Leaks can include gas and carbon monoxide, while also posing fire risks. As your home ages, be sure to keep your systems up-to-date. Don’t wait! If you need to buy a new furnace Sacramento is best served by Alpha Mechanical.

Contact Alpha Mechanical for your HVAC services before they cause an emergency.


Fair Price & Service

“Moved into a new house and immediately had to replace the entire HVAC system. Andrey and his team were affordable, fast, fair, reliable, and professional. I highly recommend this company for heat replacement in Sacramento!”

Becky P.

Great Local Service!

“He took it upon himself to check with the manufacturer and then informed us that it would cost us about $800 if he replaced the fan but we could have the original installers do it for only a service call. He even gave us his personal cell phone number in case there was any difficulty.”

Nancy K.

Highly Recommend

“We had Alpha Mechanical replace our duel HVAC systems and they did a great job with a very competitive price. Andrey was very friendly and helpful through the entire process and now we are ready for winter, thanks, guys!”

Carl M.

Commercial Heating System
Replacement & Installation

Your commercial space needs to have the best functioning HVAC available so you can focus on your business goals and activities without the headache of dealing with an uncomfortable work environment. From a mom-and-pop shop to a large commercial building we do it all. We focus on systems up to 25 tons in size for heating installation in Sacramento, CA.

We understand that your system is a critical part of your work environment. We strive to get your system replaced with minimum impact on work operations. Our goal for our Sacramento heating installation services is to get your heating system up and running quickly and affordably.

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