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Need a 5 star HVAC contractor in Antelope? You’ve come to the right place! Alpha Mechanical provides quality residential and commercial heating and cooling services for all your maintenance, installation, and replacement needs.

Whether you require a small fix or urgent emergency services, our specialists will provide a prompt and cost-effective solution for all your HVAC problems. Don’t settle for ineffective HVAC solutions! Get your HVAC system working with optimal efficiency today!

Honest Assessment

Your satisfaction with our heating and AC services in Antelope, CA is our utmost goal. We believe, with proper maintenance and repairs, we can extend the life of your HVAC unit. If necessary, we will recommend a cost-effective replacement HVAC system.

“Showed up within the hour I called. Fixed the problem quickly and at a fraction of the cost that 2 companies gave me quotes for.”

Piper W

Quality Service

We believe every customer deserves quality service, so we pick up the phone, return your calls, and communicate about the steps of our diagnostic, repair, and replacement process with politeness and clarity. If you are looking for Antelope HVAC services, give us a call and see what our five-star service is like.

“This company has helped get to the bottom of what are issues were from other companies. They work fast and really know what they’re doing.”

Nico W

Fair Price

As often mentioned in multiple 5 reviews about our company, we never seek to upsell unnecessary equipment. We make time to discuss concerns or questions, so our customers are comfortable with any options recommended to them.

“Andre was able to come to diagnose my HVAC on short, same-day notice and showed up within 2 hours.”

Eric L

Air Conditioning Service

Getting too hot in Antelope and the AC just isn’t keeping up with the heat? Give us a call for air conditioning repair in Antelope, CA. Our professional technicians will work hard to get your AC system up and running quickly. Starting with some basic troubleshooting to check if possibly an air filter or other simple fix is the problem to running a more thorough diagnostic inspection, our technicians will make sure the AC system assessment is correct. Find out more about our efficient and reliable Antelope AC replacement solutions today!

We ensure the customer has the details to understand how to best proceed with any recommendations. As your local HVAC service company in Antelope, we will not give you unnecessary recommendations for equipment or repairs. You can trust us to treat your AC system with integrity.

WHICH MAY REQUIRE AN Advanced Air Conditioner Diagnostics Process

Run trial and error discovery process
Check all essential parts of air conditioner
Review fact findings with customer

MOVING FORWARD Completing Air Conditioner Repair

Get verbal approval for repair work from customer
Service technician will order necessary parts
Schedule appointment to repair air conditioner

Your home is now
ready for those
hot days!

Heating Services
in Antelope

If you are having a problem with your furnace or heat pump and wanting some quality troubleshooting and servicing of your heating system, give Alpha Mechanicals a call. We work closely with manufacturers, so a furnace replacement in Antelope is easily manageable. Any technician that comes to your door is fully trained and certified and has had a full background check, so you rest easy with any technician we employ.

WHICH MAY REQUIRE AN Advanced Heating Diagnostics Process

Check heating system all essential parts
Furnace and heat pump have different criteria for inspection
Review fact findings with customer

MOVING FORWARD Completing Heating System Repair

Service technician will discuss process of fixing the problem
Get verbal approval for repair work from customer
In most cases we offer same day repair on heating systems

Your home is now
ready for those
cool days!

Heat Pump Services
in Antelope

Heat pumps are a great option for homeowners who want a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat and cool their homes. They function by transferring heat from one place to another, effectively using a small amount of energy to move heat from a cool space to a warm space, making them a sustainable and cost-effective choice for home comfort.


Energy Efficiency and Environmental Benefits
Year-Round Comfort and Zoning Capabilities
Reduced Maintenance and Quiet Operation
Government Incentives and Future of Heating and Cooling


Change air filters
Clean the indoor and outdoor coils
Check refrigerant levels
Monitor energy consumption

HEAT PUMP REPAIR IN ANTELOPEWhen to call a specialist?

Reduced heating or cooling efficiency
Strange or unusual noises
Short cycling - random system off/on
Unusual odor

HEAT PUMP REPLACEMENT IN ANTELOPEWhen is the time for change?

Age and inefficiency
Frequent breakdowns
Refrigerant leaks
Inability to heat or cool your home effectively

Finally, change
feels good!


Excellent Service

Fantastic service. After having a horrible experience with another company that was assigned by my landlord’s home warranty company I couldn’t bear the heat any longer. Andrey with Alpha Mechanical came out the same day within a couple of hours to diagnose the problem. I decided to go with him to complete the repair and it was done promptly.

Highly Recommend

Great service. Showed up on less than a 12 hour notice. Showed up clean and professional. Will highly recommend them to anybody in the Sacramento area.

Fair Price & Service

These guys are always great. They get here quick, solve the problem quickly, then send you the bill. No nonsense – I love that. Alpha Mechanical is my go-to for HVAC.

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    we strive to put all our energy so that you save yours!

    we strive to put all our energy so that you save yours!

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