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Looking for quality residential or commercial heating and cooling services in Citrus Heights, CA? Give us a call and let us save you the headache of dealing with unreliable companies, unreturned phone calls, and unnecessary repairs! Our HVAC specialists provide prompt and honest maintenance, installation, and replacement services.

Whether providing quick emergency services, offering a simple fix, or dealing with complicated HVAC problems, we do it all. Find out why we are consistently rated as a 5-star heating and air conditioning service in Citrus Heights, California.

Honest Assessment

Customer satisfaction concerning our heating and AC services in Citrus Heights, CA is our foremost priority. We always prioritize repair before offering replacement services, and with proper maintenance and repair, we can extend the working duration of your HVAC unit. If ever necessary, we will alternatively recommend both a cost-effective and quality replacement system.

“Honest! They didn’t try to sell me a new AC just because it’s an older unit.”

Lawrence F

Quality Service

With total commitment to our business, we ensure quality service to all customers with clear, constant communication. The client is updated with all information regarding the troubleshooting, repair, and replacement process, and politeness and clarity are guaranteed.

When looking for Citrus Heights HVAC services, contact us to guarantee top-notch customer service.

Alpha Mechanical is super responsive and works to get your A/C back up and running.”

Samantha C

Fair Price

As reflected in numerous reviews from satisfied customers, we never oversell or suggest unnecessary equipment. Charging a $79 diagnostic fee, we deduce any and all issues, then provide an honest bid for the proper repair or replacement. We always communicate with the customer about concerns or questions, so clients are comfortable with the solutions recommended to them.

“Alpha was on the premises within hours and provided the necessary fix for a most reasonable cost.”

Teresa G

Citrus Heights
Air Conditioning Service

The summer heat in Citrus Heights can really strain your AC, not allowing it to function as it should. If you are needing an honest assessment of your AC system issue, give us a call!

We offer quality air conditioning repair in Citrus Heights, CA, and our professional technicians are trained in dealing with any simple and complicated AC issues that you may encounter. When an AC is irreparable our Citrus Heights AC replacement will be executed proficiently. We value our customer’s time and will not waste your time with unreturned phone calls or late service, we strive to be available and prompt with any job we do. We value people over product, as your local HVAC service company in Citrus Heights we will not sell you unnecessary repairs or equipment.

OUR TECHNICIANS START WITH A Simple Air Conditioner Diagnostics Process

Inspect thermostat settings and functionality
Adjust settings to attempt to activate air conditioner
Inspect air filter for dirt and obstruction

WE WILL DISCUSS Options once problem is identified

Replace or Repair
Advice customer on preventable failures

Your home is now
ready for those
hot days!

Heating Services
in Citrus Heights

Although Citrus Heights gets an average of 268 days of sunshine, the colder temperatures in winter require a functioning heating system. If your furnace or heat pump is not giving you the comfort you need when it gets colder, give our heating service company in Citrus Heights, CA a call.

We will quickly get back to you and schedule a timely appointment to troubleshoot and run diagnostics on your heating equipment. We will offer you an honest assessment of the heating system issue, whether it’s a small issue like needing to change the air filter or needing a furnace replacement in Citrus Heights. We promise to not sell you any unnecessary repairs or heating equipment.

OUR TECHNICIANS START WITH A Simple Heating Diagnostics Process

Check thermostat settings and functionality
Alter settings & activate furnace or heat pump system
Observe heating system for strange noises, foul odors, & irregular cycling frequency

WE WILL DISCUSS Options once problem is identified

Replace or Repair
Advice customer on preventable failures

Your home is now
ready for those
cool days!

Heat Pump Services
in Citrus Heights

A heat pump is a versatile appliance that efficiently transfers heat from one place to another, providing both heating and cooling for your home. It’s a smart choice for homeowners seeking energy savings, environmental friendliness, and year-round comfort. Heat pumps surpass traditional systems in efficiency, reducing your energy bills and environmental harm. Enjoy a comfortable home throughout the year with a heat pump, the intelligent solution for your heating and cooling needs.


Energy Efficiency and Environmental Benefits
Year-Round Comfort and Zoning Capabilities
Reduced Maintenance and Quiet Operation
Government Incentives and Future of Heating and Cooling


Change air filters
Clean the indoor and outdoor coils
Check refrigerant levels
Monitor energy consumption

HEAT PUMP REPAIR IN CITRUS HEIGHTSWhen to call a specialist?

Reduced heating or cooling efficiency
Strange or unusual noises
Short cycling - random system off/on
Unusual odor


Age and inefficiency
Frequent breakdowns
Refrigerant leaks
Inability to heat or cool your home effectively

Finally, change
feels good!


Excellent Service

I’m impressed with the quick response to my call for help. Andrew was able to identify and fix the broken part of the furnace in a short period of time. Fantastic job. Alpha Mechanical is on my contact list.

Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Alpha Mechanical for your HVAC needs. Andrey and his team were extremely professional and provided exceptional work in the Sacramento area. We couldn’t be happier with our new system.

Fair Price & Service

I have been a happy customer of Alpha Mechanical for a couple of seasons now. Whether for summer or winter. These guys have proven to be both prompt and reliable as well as extremely fair with their prices and services in area nearby.

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    we strive to put all our energy so that you save yours!

    we strive to put all our energy so that you save yours!

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