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In this article, we aim to provide you with valuable guidance to make an informed decision when it’s time to repair or replace Air conditioner (AC), gas heater (furnace), or heat pump (all electric heating).

We understand that facing HVAC issues can be overwhelming, and getting repair or replace guidance is a crucial step. Our professional HVAC company will perform a comprehensive diagnostic to help you choose whether to repair or replace HVAC system.

This will bring you from should I repair or replace my air conditioner to knowing all the options and problems with your current system. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, this article will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate your HVAC repair or replace confidently.

Repair Your HVAC If...

You have an active warranty

If you have a 10 year system or parts warranty, the HVAC repair vs replace might be covered vs out-of-pocket costs.

Your product lasts shorter than expected

As a rule of thumb, these systems should have a life expectancy of:

A/C: 12-15 years
Furnace: 15-20 years
Heat Pump: 11-15 years

You have not yet had extensive repairs on your product

If a repair costs less than $900 that may mean your system still has life left. A repair may be more beneficial.

Your product performs well aside from key issues

If you notice issues with just one part of your HVAC system, a simple repair might return the system to its full efficiency.

You have professional estimates where repairs are more cost-effective

An experienced technician can give accurate estimates for replacement vs. repair. Consider their expertise when deciding to replace or repair HVAC system

Your unit uses updated refrigerant

New units that use R-410A, R404a, R32 use new refrigerants that are still in production and still fairly inexpensive to use. Newer units will open up more choices in your repair or replace ac unit options.

Replace Your HVAC If...

Your warranty is expired

If your warranty is expired, you will pay out-of-pocket for repairs and replacements alike.

Your product lasts longer than expected

If your systems last far longer than below, it may be a good time to consider replacement:

A/C: 12+ years
Furnace: 15+ years
Heat Pump: 11+ years

Your product has had extensive repairs

If you’ve had repairs cost $2000+ in the past couple of years, replacement over more repairs may be more optimal.

Your products functions generally poorly

If many parts of your HVAC system are failing, it might be more beneficial to consider replacement from a Sacramento, CA technician.

You have estimates where replacement is more cost-effective

Consider that replacement might be more cost-effective in certain situations when it comes time to replace or repair HVAC. Older systems will have more wear on parts that will cause more repairs.

Your unit uses R-22 refrigerant

R-22 is banned for sale in the entire USA, not just California and is no-longer cost-effective, as well as harmful to the environment. Refilling R-22 is not an option which limits your options in air conditioner repair or replace. This requires you to replace your air conditioner or heat pump unit.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, your HVAC replacement or repair decision depends on factors such as warranty coverage, consistent issues, expected lifespan, extensive repairs, overall performance, and professional estimates. If your system is under warranty, repair may be viable, but if it’s expired and experiencing frequent issues, replacement could be more cost-effective. Assessing performance and considering outdated refrigerants like R-22 Freon is crucial when considering heating repair vs replace.

Consult with Alpha Mechanical’s 25+ years of experience for a full diagnostic examination of your system. Our technicians will show you the data and be ready for any questions you may have in your choice to repair or replace hvac systems or individual parts. This will help you make informed decisions on when to replace HVAC systems in your Sacramento area home or business, so trust our expertise in making the best choice for your HVAC replacement process.

Let us help you answer all your Commercial HVAC Questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

If my heater or AC goes out, why do I need to replace the whole system?

If the air conditioning system should be replaced because of age or large repair costs then doing the whole system replacement is much more prudent. Manufacturer system efficiencies are rated for with the heating and cooling combined. You’ll get the highest efficiency rating, compatible refrigeration parts for indoor and outdoor equipment, equal long lasting manufacturer and labor warranty, and you’ll save money in the long run.

What to do if I need the whole HVAC system replaced?

If you need HVAC replacement in Sacramento, contact at least 3 companies to quote the project. If you have a trusted relationship with a HVAC contractor then it makes it easier to make the choice. We have a 5 star rating on Yelp and Google and have been serving our faithfully thousands of customers for many years.

Does the Alpha Mechanical company have guarantees?

At Alpha Mechanical, our guarantees include a 100% satisfaction guarantee, along with a myriad of warranty and installation guarantees that protect you and your system when it’s time to repair or replace the HVAC system. We do not upsell if the system can be repaired. Our goal is to preserve the system and save you money.

Can I get rebates from the government?

Yes, homeowners and businesses are eligible for HVAC rebates from the local and federal government, and special offers in Sacramento. SMUD offers large rebates for high-efficiency heating and cooling heat pump equipment. It’s best to check with your HVAC company or local government to see what incentives you may qualify for.

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