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Curtis Park is known for its beautiful, charming, diverse homes and century-old history. Every time we are on a service call to this picturesque area, we enjoy the neighborhood and its unique history. Homes of this earlier era do experience unique challenges when it comes to their HVAC systems.

If you are looking for solutions and reliable heating and air conditioning service in Curtis Park, California, give us a call!

Our local HVAC specialists provide quality residential and commercial heating and cooling services. We make sure our clients are able to make the best decision for any HVAC troubleshooting, maintenance, installation, and replacement services by taking time to listen to their experiences with their systems and address any potential problems.

If you need a cost-effective small fix or emergency services, or just need someone to take a look to make sure the system has had the proper maintenance, give us a call and we will get back to you quickly!

Honest Assessment

Your satisfaction with our heating and AC services in Curtis Park, CA is our utmost goal. As experienced technicians, we pay attention to detail, thoroughly troubleshooting your heating or cooling system. We seek to repair before offering replacement services. We believe with proper maintenance and repairs we can extend the life of your HVAC unit. If necessary, we will recommend a cost-effective replacement HVAC system.

“Alpha Mechanical is Great! I recommend this company to anyone having an issue with their heating and air. Equally important to everything else this company was affordable.”


Quality Service

Due to our 5 star commitment, we have no gimmicks and no games. We believe every customer deserves quality service, so we pick up the phone, return your calls, and communicate about the steps of our diagnostic, repair, and replacement process with politeness and clarity. If you are looking for Curtis Park HVAC services, give us a call and see what our five-star service is like.

“Andre was good in explaining the scope of work and what system would work better for my house. His crew completed the work as scheduled. Overall I’m happy with Alpha Mechanical.”

Manuel R.

Fair Price

We believe in making sure our customers only pay what they should and not be scammed into buying unnecessary units or components. If you call Alpha Mechanical, we will show up promptly, run diagnostics for a flat fee of $79 and give you our honest recommendation for any further maintenance, repairs, or replacement that is required.

“Andrey really saved me when I contacted him after being ghosted by several air conditioning companies. He and his technician were polite, professional, and honest, and I’ll definitely contact them again in the future.”

Kristina V.

Curtis Park
Air Conditioning Service

The hot summers in Curtis Park require a well-functioning AC system, as temperatures can climb well over 100 degrees. If you would like some routine maintenance on your AC unit or need an honest assessment of any AC issues, contact Alpha for air conditioning repair in Curtis Park, CA.

Our professional technicians will be on time, courteous, and have all gone through thorough background checks so you can be comfortable with any Alpha technician that shows up at your door. If you have any questions, they will take time to answer them, followed by troubleshooting the AC unit to rule out any simple problems. Upon a more thorough diagnostic inspection, you will receive an honest assessment of any issues and recommendations for your cooling system. Curtis Park AC replacement is an investment that can improve the comfort and energy efficiency of homes.

As your local HVAC service company in Curtis Park, we promise to only provide honest solutions and recommendations.

OUR TECHNICIANS START WITH A Simple Air Conditioner Diagnostics Process

Inspect thermostat settings and functionality
Adjust settings to attempt to activate air conditioner
Inspect air filter for dirt and obstruction

WHICH MAY REQUIRE AN Advanced Air Conditioner Diagnostics Process

Run trial and error discovery process
Check all essential parts of air conditioner
Review fact findings with customer

WE WILL DISCUSS Options once problem is identified

Replace or Repair
Advice customer on preventable failures

MOVING FORWARD Completing Air Conditioner Repair

Get verbal approval for repair work from customer
Service technician will order necessary parts
Schedule appointment to repair air conditioner

Your home is now
ready for those
hot days!

Heating Services
in Curtis Park

With temperatures dipping into the 30s in the winter, a heating system that isn’t working well is miserable for any homeowner. If you are looking for quality and professional heating services in Curtis Park or in the Sacramento area, contact our team of heating specialists. We strive to serve our customers in Curtis Park with honest and cost-effective solutions to any heating issues. Winter bliss is close with our expert Furnace Replacement in Curtis Park. No need to be miserable, get comfort back by contacting our team.

OUR TECHNICIANS START WITH A Simple Heating Diagnostics Process

Check thermostat settings and functionality
Alter settings & activate furnace or heat pump system
Observe heating system for strange noises, foul odors, & irregular cycling frequency

WHICH MAY REQUIRE AN Advanced Heating Diagnostics Process

Check heating system all essential parts
Furnace and heat pump have different criteria for inspection
Review fact findings with customer

WE WILL DISCUSS Options once problem is identified

Replace or Repair
Advice customer on preventable failures

MOVING FORWARD Completing Heating System Repair

Service technician will discuss process of fixing the problem
Get verbal approval for repair work from customer
In most cases we offer same day repair on heating systems

Your home is now
ready for those
cool days!

Heat Pump Services
in Curtis Park

Immerse yourself in year-round comfort and cost-effectiveness with heat pumps, ingenious devices that efficiently transfer heat. These innovative appliances beat traditional systems in efficiency, resulting in reduced energy bills and a minimized environmental impact. Ditch traditional methods and embrace the revolutionary comfort and cost-effectiveness of heat pumps.


Energy Efficiency and Environmental Benefits
Year-Round Comfort and Zoning Capabilities
Reduced Maintenance and Quiet Operation
Government Incentives and Future of Heating and Cooling


Change air filters
Clean the indoor and outdoor coils
Check refrigerant levels
Monitor energy consumption

HEAT PUMP REPAIR IN CURTIS PARKWhen to call a specialist?

Reduced heating or cooling efficiency
Strange or unusual noises
Short cycling - random system off/on
Unusual odor

HEAT PUMP REPLACEMENT IN CURTIS PARKWhen is the time for change?

Age and inefficiency
Frequent breakdowns
Refrigerant leaks
Inability to heat or cool your home effectively

Finally, change
feels good!


Excellent Service

“I called 5-6 companies and the forecast was supposed to be 107 degrees! I called Alpha Mechanical and Andre answered informing me they could have a technician to my house the day of! Also, the diagnostic fee is $70 dollars BUT it is waived if you decide to do the repair and their prices BEAT other competitors!” – Yao C.

Highly Recommend

“Andrey came to our house the same day we contacted him. He was very swift and professional, not wasting any time getting the job done right the first time. His prices were reasonable and we will be coming back for all future HVAC needs.” – Joe A.

Fair Price & Service

“This review is long overdue, especially when the customer service was well deserving of a 5-star review. Andrey dealt with the factory on a unit that is several years old and managed to get our HVAC motor replaced under warranty, saving me hundreds of dollars. We will be scheduling all future HVAC work with him.” – Sean G.

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    we strive to put all our energy so that you save yours!

    we strive to put all our energy so that you save yours!

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