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With average summer temperatures in the 90s and winter temperatures down to the 30s, you may find your HVAC system needs some TLC, whether a speedy fix or quality emergency repairs. Call Alpha, a five-star heating and air conditioning service in Arden-Arcade, California for prompt and cost-effective HVAC solutions.

We do it all, from residential to commercial heating and cooling services. Our HVAC specialists provide solutions to any HVAC problems, whether troubleshooting and simple maintenance services to, installation and replacement of HVAC equipment in the Sacramento area.

Honest Assessment

When you call Alpha Mechanical for heating and AC services in Arden-Arcade, CA you can trust that any of our technicians will do a complete inspection before offering any kind of maintenance, repair, or replacement recommendation.

“They were fast, friendly, and delivered at a fair price. Thank you!”

Chris S.

Quality Service

We have no gimmicks and no games, so we will pick up the phone, return your calls, and communicate about the steps of our diagnostic, repair, and replacement process with politeness and clarity. If you are looking for Arden-Arcade HVAC services, give us a call for straightforward HVAC solutions.

“His team was professional, quick, and did a thorough job. I’m very pleased with the results and will continue to have Alpha Mechanical provide my heating and cooling services.”

Curtis C.

Fair Price

We value your time and your dollar, so you only get charged a $79 diagnostic fee. Our clients often rate us 5 stars for not selling them unnecessary equipment and being available when they most need our services. We take the time to make sure our customers understand what the problem is and offer budget-friendly solutions.

“Within 20 minutes of my call, the technician was On-Site, diagnosed the problem, and even had the part on-hand. Cannot thank you enough, Alpha Mechanical, for coming to our rescue and fixing our new AC unit!!”

Beth F.

Air Conditioning Service

Is your AC system struggling to cool your home or completely not working? Our five-star rated company provides quality air conditioning repair in Arden-Arcade, CA, troubleshooting and making sure you have a fully functioning unit as soon as possible. Our NATE-certified professional technicians undergo a full background check, so you can be comfortable with any technician we send your way.

Contact our experienced technicians for expert Arden-Arcade AC Replacement services that you can trust. Our key value as a local HVAC service company in Arden-Arcade is to provide excellent service in a timely manner without upselling unnecessary repairs or equipment. You deserve the coolness you need and we will get your unit up and running, so give us a call today!

OUR TECHNICIANS START WITH A Simple Air Conditioner Diagnostics Process

Inspect thermostat settings and functionality
Adjust settings to attempt to activate air conditioner
Inspect air filter for dirt and obstruction

WHICH MAY REQUIRE AN Advanced Air Conditioner Diagnostics Process

Run trial and error discovery process
Check all essential parts of air conditioner
Review fact findings with customer

WE WILL DISCUSS Options once problem is identified

Replace or Repair
Advice customer on preventable failures

MOVING FORWARD Completing Air Conditioner Repair

Get verbal approval for repair work from customer
Service technician will order necessary parts
Schedule appointment to repair air conditioner

Your home is now
ready for those
hot days!

Heating Services
in Arden-Arcade

With the cooler climate in fall and winter in our area, a fully functioning heating system is a must. If you are noticing any issues with your furnace or heat pump, give our five-star rated heating service and repair company in Arden-Arcade, CA a call.

A professional technician, who has completed a thorough background check, will promptly arrive and run troubleshooting and diagnostic services on your unit. You will then be provided with an honest assessment and recommendations for any repairs. Our specialist will inform you if you need a furnace replacement in Arden-Arcade. We will never upsell needless equipment since we value people over products.

OUR TECHNICIANS START WITH A Simple Heating Diagnostics Process

Check thermostat settings and functionality
Alter settings & activate furnace or heat pump system
Observe heating system for strange noises, foul odors, & irregular cycling frequency

WHICH MAY REQUIRE AN Advanced Heating Diagnostics Process

Check heating system all essential parts
Furnace and heat pump have different criteria for inspection
Review fact findings with customer

WE WILL DISCUSS Options once problem is identified

Replace or Repair
Advice customer on preventable failures

MOVING FORWARD Completing Heating System Repair

Service technician will discuss process of fixing the problem
Get verbal approval for repair work from customer
In most cases we offer same day repair on heating systems

Your home is now
ready for those
cool days!

Heat Pump Services
in Arden-Arcade

Elevate your home’s comfort and environmental consciousness with heat pumps, the ingenious appliances that transfer heat for both heating and cooling. These innovative systems operate by extracting heat from the surrounding environment, regardless of the season, making them an energy-efficient and environmentally responsible choice. Unlike traditional heating and cooling methods that rely on fossil fuels, heat pumps consume less energy. This significantly reduces your energy bills and minimizes your environmental footprint.


Energy Efficiency and Environmental Benefits
Year-Round Comfort and Zoning Capabilities
Reduced Maintenance and Quiet Operation
Government Incentives and Future of Heating and Cooling


Change air filters
Clean the indoor and outdoor coils
Check refrigerant levels
Monitor energy consumption

HEAT PUMP REPAIR IN ARDEN-ARCADEWhen to call a specialist?

Reduced heating or cooling efficiency
Strange or unusual noises
Short cycling - random system off/on
Unusual odor


Age and inefficiency
Frequent breakdowns
Refrigerant leaks
Inability to heat or cool your home effectively

Finally, change
feels good!


They are awesome!

I contacted Alpha Mechanical for my AC unit that wasn’t working. These guys are awesome! I was told by another repair company that the unit was dead and it would be 10-15k to replace. I called these guys for a second opinion and $650 later, my unit has never run so well!! – Jay S.

Quick Problem Solving

They were on time and were able to identify the problem quickly. They picked up the part they needed and were able to fix it the same day, which was great. We would definitely use Alpha Mechanical again. – Laura S.

Excellent Service

Andrey provided us a very competitive bid with a quality unit. Much less expensive than what I was hearing from friends with similar issues. They are professional, competitive, and provide excellent service. Thanks again Alpha Mechanical. – Karen M.

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    we strive to put all our energy so that you save yours!

    we strive to put all our energy so that you save yours!

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